Be; Suicide Prevention Video Series

Animation, Web design

An estimated thirty percent of all transgender and gender non-conforming adolescents ages 11 through 18 report having attempted suicide at least once in their lives. As my senior thesis project, I created an animated suicide prevention campaign with the aim of empowering and uplifting this community to lessen suicide risk, focusing on identity, resilience, and reaching out for help. The campaign is called Be. I have also created an accompanying website that can be viewed at:


Suicide Prevention in trans youth
Ambrose Yu

Video 1: Be you

Video 2: Be brave

Video 3: Be together

Character Design

The Be video characters are designed to represent transgender and gender non-conforming youth as holistically as possible. One trans-boy character, one trans-girl character, and one non-binary/questioning character.

Logo Design

The Be logo is grounded in round, soft shapes, to convey an inviting, non-intrusive tone. The name Be means to inspire trans and gender non-conforming youth to proudly be themselves, but also to simply exist, live, and be tomorrow because they are today.

Style frames

Using rainbow motifs as an homage to trans, gay, and LGBT+ pride symbols...the overall visual direction of the video series aims at positivity and optimism.

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